Will someone please explain the difference between a co-pay and a deductible? 

Will someone please explain the difference between a co-pay and a deductible? 

Have a pre-existing condition? Working for a large corporation may be a solution

There may be times when life happens and you find yourself in a health situation that maybe you have not taken care of and it does need some attention. Maybe you were self-employed for a while and were not able to pay the out of pocket expenses needed to supply your own health insurance. Due to the nature of larger companies and their ability to apply for group coverage and group pricing it may be an option for you. Many factors come into play when large organizations are looking for insurance for their particular group. The larger the group the opportunity for better rates. A company that has 10 employees versus an organization that has 6000 will be vastly different because now the costs and other factors are now distributed among the members.

This is something that could become a consideration for you depending on the severity of your illness or disease, even having a spouse is isn’t able to get coverage is also a factor. Sometimes families find themselves needing to work for larger companies or organizatioN such as a school district, union, or large corporation. Making sure you have all the information and creating a solution for yourself that can help you find a way forward. Additionally, if you do have coverage and then decide to leave or get laid off, even though you can bring the coverage with you through COBRA the cost will be too expensive to continue. Making sure you plan accordingly if you consider leaving. 

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